Who Invented The Microscope?

The optical microscope or light microscope is an optical instrument with an objective and an eyepiece that magnifies the image of a small object (which characterizes its optical power) and separates the details of this image (and its power of resolution) so that it is observable by the human eye. It is used in biology, to observe cells, tissues, in petrography to recognize rocks, in metallurgy and metallography to examine the structure of a metal or alloy. [Read More]

Who Were The Vikings?

This article is about the Vikings in the strict sense, that is warriors, explorers and traders. For a general overview of Scandinavia from the Viking Age, see Viking Age. The Vikings (Old Norse: Vikingr, plural Vikingar) are explorers, traders, raiders but also Scandinavian pirates during a period from the eighth to the eleventh century 3, commonly called "Viking Age". By extension, the term is used in French to designate the Scandinavian civilization of the Late Iron Age, that is to say from the late second century at the age of Roman iron (in) 4. [Read More]