Can You Eat Hotdogs When Pregnant?

Another concern with the hot dog is the presence of sodium nitrate in it. Sodium nitrate is a compound that is used as a food preservative to prolong the shelf life of food and improve its color. As a preservative, sodium nitrate prevents the formation of bacteria such as Clostridium botulinum and Listeria monocytogenes. But sodium nitrate is not safe. Excessive consumption of sodium nitrate can damage blood vessels, increasing the risk of developing cardiovascular disease and prostate cancer.

3. Contains sodium:

Hot dogs contain a large amount of sodium. Yes, the recommended dietary allowance for sodium is slightly higher during pregnancy. However, try to consume natural foods that are high in sodium. Do not indulge in foods that contain too much sodium. Sodium is not only bad for the heart, but for pregnant women, it can lead to complications and birth defects in the unborn baby.

4. Quality:

When you eat a cart hot dog, you are in trouble. He is the food of the street, and he has many health risks. Contamination, artificial chemicals, the list goes on. You never know what was going on actually this hot dog. Thus, the quality of the food is a major risk related to the consumption of hot dogs.

5. Sensitivity to ingredients:

Another problem with hot dogs is the use of ingredients like spices and cheese. Sometimes your pregnant body may reject that mustard you were so fond of, or you may feel like adding a little extra ketchup. All of this is normal, but studies conclude that including ingredients like spices and some types of cheese can lead to complications. You can develop sensitivity to certain spices for the duration of 9 months. cheese can consume lead to allergic reactions such as flatulence and bloating your stomach, a distress for many women during pregnancy.

How to destroy Listeria monocytogenes?

The risk of listeriosis is greatest in uncooked meat. So, to destroy Listeria monocytogenes, you have to heat up well. Cook hot dogs at high temperature (above 160 degrees Fahrenheit) to eliminate Listeria monocytogenes or other bacteria. If not heated, the bacteria will continue to grow. Whether you're grilling, boiling or your microwaving hot dog, make sure it's steaming hot. Do not let hot dogs become cold as it increases the risk of further contamination.


We understand that you are crazy for hot dogs, so we also have alternatives for you. To avoid the risks associated with nitrates and bacteria, you can go to meatless hot dogs that exist on the market. These hot dogs contain grains, vegetables and soy. These meatless hot dogs are also low in fat and cholesterol. And, in addition, they taste like the real thing, well almost!

Guidelines for Eating Hot Dogs During Pregnancy:

If you follow some tips for eating hot dogs during pregnancy, you should be fine. Here are some guidelines for your benefit:

  • Do not eat hot dogs in the streets or any other place where sausages and rolls are lazily spinning around the heat rolls. These hot dogs pose a serious risk of contamination. Even the water in which they heat is less than 160 degrees in degrees Fahrenheit. And cheese can hurt you, if not pasteurized. Feta, Blue cheese, Roquefort cheese and Mexican style cheeses are often not pasteurized and are not safe to be to the mother.
  • Packaged hot dogs are rich in nitrates. Local health food stores sell non-nitrate turkey and hot dogs. But you can not rule out the possibility of contamination. So, we advise you to prepare hot dog at home. It will be much safer. At least you'll be sure of the ingredients you use in your favorite snack.
  • Although hot dogs are safe to consume during pregnancy, they are not the healthiest food to eat on a regular basis. A beef hot dog contains about 7 grams of protein and a 200calories, 12 grams of fat and 500 mg of protein. We suggest you go for meatless hot dogs because they are safer and healthier.

So, you do not have to curb your cravings anymore! Go ahead and enjoy your pleasure!

Did you eat hot dogs during pregnancy? Have you consulted your doctor before eating hot dogs? If so, what does it suggest? Tell us in the comment section below.