How To Start A Conversation?

Today, we will see together how to start a conversation with a girl, according to the different cases .

Because to go further with a girl, there must be contact.

And for there to be contact, there must be first contact.

And the first contact, it often starts with a conversation.

Hence the interest of knowing how to start a conversation with the women we like.

Whether they are perfect unknowns or that they are already part of our entourage.

And in this article, we will see together how to start a conversation with a woman, according to the different places and means of contact .

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Like many guys, you may have a girl in sight, but you never talked about it … Because you do not know how to start a conversation with her …

And like a lot of guys, there are probably many pretty girls you come across every day …

Which sometimes throws you looks or calls you to approach …

But you do not dare to approach, because you do not really know what to say or you're afraid of planting …

And that's normal.

Nobody ever really taught us how to start a conversation with a stranger. And even less with a beautiful stranger who we like physically.

And because of that, we miss many opportunities. We miss some great adventures that we could live with interesting women.

We spend the day in the head, thinking about these girls we met and we would have liked to meet …

In the lines that follow, I will give you elements that will allow you to be able to take action more easily with the girls you like , so you do not feel completely lost in certain everyday situations.

We will go through the different places where you can be brought to meet girls. And for each of these places, we will see how you can engage in a seductive conversation with these ladies.


Let's start right away with the first place (or rather the first type of place):

1) Start a conversation with a stranger in a public place:

It happens every day in our travels to meet cute girls.

It can be when we come back from work, when we go shopping, when we go to our gym, when we go to see friends, etc …

We often come across girls with whom we would like to get to know each other better;)

And it even happens that some girls give us little looks (it's rare, certainly, but it happens).

And you will agree with me that to cross a girl who pleases us and who looks at us insistently, and to be unable to approach it, it is very frustrating .

That's why it's useful to know how to start a conversation with a stranger in public places, whether in the street, in shops, in transport, etc …

And that's what we'll see together right away.

You will see that it is not very complicated. And that does not require you to play a role. You will be able to stay yourself, natural.

Here, we will distinguish two cases:

• 1st case: the girl is moving:

The girl moves from point A to point B.

For example from her job to her home.

From home to the bakery.

Etc …

The most effective way to start a conversation in this case is to go straight. It's about going for cash.

You stop her politely, declaring her calmly and with a smile that she held your attention .

The key here is the direct compliment . Preferably a little more subtle and sought after than "You are beautiful" or "You are charming" .

Compliments such as "I found you all sexy" , "I found you all cute" , "I found you rather elegant" , "I found you rather classy" , etc … pass better.

This is the most natural way to start a conversation with a stranger in motion.

The girl does not know you. She does not know who you are when you approach her.

And to avoid being mistaken for a weird guy, for a beggar, for a prospector, or some other ball-breaker, you have to make sure that she knows from the beginning why you came to talk to her .

And when you approach with a smile, a voice and a direct compliment , she knows immediately why you are there.

If you do it right, she sees you as a solid and sincere guy, who assumes his masculinity.

"Excuse me :) Hi … I was walking over there … I saw you … And I found you very sexy. "

Simple, effective, both polite and cash.

What could be better ?

• 2nd case: the girl is static:

To start a discussion with a still girl, you will do slightly differently.

Here's why :

When you approach a girl in motion, she can decide when she wants to end the conversation, for example by pretending that she is in a hurry, or simply continuing her way without saying anything.

She has a ready excuse to leave. This makes it much less pressure. Because she knows that she can leave at any time.

This is not the case of a static girl.

A static girl (for example a girl who is waiting at a bus stop, who is sitting on a bench, who is waiting for a friend, etc.) can not say at once "Ah, I'm in a hurry, sorry I have to to go .

One because she knows it's not true. And two because if she's waiting at a specific point, it's for a reason.

To start a conversation with a static girl, you will proceed in a way that puts less pressure on her than the first approach.

Basically, you will go there more smoothly .

You will be less direct .

For example, you can ask him for information.

But something a little more researched than a question about your path or the time it is …

For example, you can ask her if she knows a nice place in the corner with the wifi to work on your laptop.

Starting with "Excuse me, hello" with a smile (being polite and respectful, you show some social intelligence, and the girl sees you immediately differently disrespectful rascals who bother him all day long ).

The key is then to slip a little subtle compliment and make the transition to another topic of conversation (I talk about it in more detail in this blog post).

2) Start a conversation with a girl in the evening:

Evenings are events during which we can meet a lot of girls.

Whether in night club, bar, friends, etc …

It is possible to make interesting meetings, following which one can live beautiful adventures.

To start a discussion with a girl in the evening, do not worry .

The more banal, the better.

Women are used to "pick-up artists" who are trying to approach approaches all weird each other.

They are used to these guys who give themselves to hold their attention and stand out.

So being natural and normal (just …) , you stand out (I know, it may sound a bit weird, but believe my experience, I tested everything, in the tens and tens of evenings).

A simple "Hi" with a small smile, and a trivial question like "You are from <name of the city where the evening is> " is largely the case.

The girls you approach may not be very receptive at first, but when they understand that you are a normal guy who has nothing to prove to them, they will become more comfortable and open up .

In the evening, it is better to avoid using a cash approach like a stranger on the street.

Because in the evening, the social pressure is higher for the girl: she does not want to be an easy girl in front of her friends and will make it more difficult, making you difficult.

Not to mention the fact that you will constantly meet the same people throughout the evening. Not great if you approach all the girls with a cash approach and it does not work masses …

So a banal and light approach, with a little indifference, is the must .

3) Start a conversation with a girl at school or at work:

Here, it's a bit like in the evening. Except that it does not last a few hours. It lasts all year. You are brought back to the girl not over a few hours, but over months or years.

So for the same reasons as before, we forget the direct approach .

We favor the indirect approaches, banal and light, without making head.

Anyway you will re-cross the girl throughout the year, so there is no pressure to have.

To start a conversation with the girl you like, arrange to be in the same place as when you both have a little time to discuss:

At the coffee machine, in the cafeteria, at the smoking area (I do not smoke, but it can sometimes be useful to engage in discussion with an unknown person), in front of a room while waiting for a speaker or a teacher, etc.

4) Start a conversation with a girl by sms:

Here, we must distinguish two cases:

• 1st case: this is a girl who left you her phone number:

For example, an unknown woman met in the evening or on the street.

The most effective is to send him a short text message and that does not require any special response (the girl will not have any pressure and can invest herself in the exchange).

For example :

"It was a pleasure to meet you;) I hope you have come home well. Jacques »

"Nice to see you anyway :) Jacques"

Simple, effective. If you have not done shit before taking her number, normally the girl answers.

These sms may seem trivial, but it is ultimately for this reason that they work as well.

Because it's without a fuss .

It's natural .

You are a normal guy who has nothing to prove .

You do not use pirouettes to seduce.

• 2nd case: this is a girl you already know but with whom you have not had contact for a long time:

In this case, you will have to reactivate the girl.

You will reconnect with her by bringing positive emotions into the interaction .

There are many ways to do this, such as mentioning something that made you think of her and make it a pretext to send her a small text message.

Once again, keep it simple.

To start a conversation with a girl on Facebook, by email, or other … it's the same principle as to start a conversation by SMS.

What to say after?

Knowing how to start a conversation is good. But this is only the beginning.

To break the ice with a girl and go further with her, you have to know how to change the conversation in the right way .

You have to know how to change the conversation in the right direction .

Well, all that is fine.
But we can go much further than that …

And now, we will see together heavy.

Very very heavy :

I have prepared a second article in which we discuss the 5 personality traits that 97% of guys lack to become really attractive .

We will see together how to become irresistible with beautiful women.

You will discover how to really hold their attention, and really make them want to go further with you.

What we are going to see together today is something a little special .

Something that, unfortunately, ignore most guys.

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We will have to be ready to accept certain realities that change the game.

You will have to be ready to question some beliefs that you may have adopted so far.

We will have to be ready to make some changes that may seem a little confusing at first.

I do not tell you more here, and I let you go and see all this for yourself in the article:

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